March 19, 2007

Do You Like This Gown? It's VERY dramatic.

Y&R's Jill Abbott aka Brenda Dickson self produced this video, entitled "Welcome to My Home" sometime long ago when orange lipstick was considered the right choice for fashion. Oh, and orange rouge.
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Yes it's in two parts... but in the exciting conclusion Brenda bravely attempts to make a protein smoothie without the help of her maid. I must say I was very impressed by her ad-libbing skills, I have never seen anyone else list all of the vegetables they like with such dead-eyed precision. I'd crack a can of Tab and raise a toast to this underappreciated fashion maven any day.

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Only THREE times a week!

Turns out Brenda isn't as perfect as she'd like to have you believe. In fact, she just got out of prison as part of a fallout from a messy divorce. I'd like to see a sequel of "Welcome to My Home" in prison. She could match her make-up to her jumpsuit!

You can find more Brenda... including a few rambling press releases from about her prison sentence... on her very own website

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